Fragrant Suncry, A Scented Memorium

by Thy Sinister Bloom

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Unreleased Promo recording from 1996 - 100's distributed on cassette through tape-trading.

Limited Edition Cassette Release available from Sarlacc Productions -


“Fragrant Suncry, A Scented Memorium”

Folding in fate; I, the lavender flower, an impregnable jewel of seduced belonging,
Forever remember your seasoning smile, in sight of your light-hearted goodbye,
I close my eyes and miss the charmful sun, and for my own sake, I endure.

Glass galaxies shatter in bodies of oceans, and I too, paralysed by the dreamers dance,
Honour textile winding pain. With hope, of dawns crescenting gardens.

Vengeant holdings; of thorned excessful joy, belongs to my ful-bloomed symphonies,
Of melting skies and wishes for pain. As stone crippled angels peer through the sun.
Licking viewless pinings upon hills ahigh, I sail the meadows fragrant breath,
Leaving soft voices of solitude showers to my, lustrous surpassed calms.

Raping vagrant murmurs for their hand in pride, long rolling winters conspice the mountain spring. I gratify the blessed orchid; in a hollowed innocence, of elegant banquet in Mirda’s pining urn.

Like a lover in fragrant airs of emotions, Devotress danced upon lunar balconies, And memories too, long live dizzy raptures.
Of thy voice harmonising laden streams, As the carnival set sail for the sun.
Perfumes cascade my green utopia, And memories too, long live dizzy raptures.


released August 1, 1996



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Thy Sinister Bloom Ireland

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